Hi. I'm Adrián Moreno Peña.

I'm also known as zetxek around the Internet, and this is my online resume. Here you can find some of the things I've built, know about my polyglot coding skills or get in contact.

What can I do?

I ❤ software

Specifically, building great apps and websites that make users' life simpler, and easier. I like to apply technology to bring solutions to a problem and reduce frictions in the digital world - but only after understanding the problem that needs to be solved. For that, I have carefully turned myself into a generalist - with knowledge of many areas, as I believe that to come up with meaningful solutions, cross-functional knowledge is needed.


The open platform par excelence. Open standards, browser interoperalibility and APIs everywhere!

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (and frameworks, such as jQuery/UI/mobile, backbone, Angular.js, …), Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Drupal, Liferay…), e-Commerce Systems (Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce…).


Mobile apps are a chance to create meaningful experiences that travel with the people behind the screen.

Mobile web (HTML5, CSS & JS, Apache Cordova), native development (Java Android, Objetive-C iOS, Web techs for BB10…), multi-platform frameworks (Titanium Appcelerator).

All around!

I believe in strong independent teams, and I strive to create and be part of them.

My place is anywhere close to a software project: team leading, software developing, asisting with pre-sales and estimates, agile development, platform architecture design…

The reason of this webpage

Get served!

Want to hire me? Get in touch!

Want to phone me? Reach me on +31 0684825025