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Hello, I’m Adrián.
Engineering Lead

I work at SumUp, a digital payments company focused in small businesses. My background is diverse (you could say I'm a specialized generalist), but always close to digital technology.
I have done a bit of everything, from backend development to mobile apps, devops or team leading and coaching. I love automation as a way to optimize processes and avoid repetitive work, and working in happy agile teams - where work is a way to solve problems, and not a mean by itself.

Profile picture of Adrián Moreno Peña, smiling over a petroleum colour background
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Who am I?

I’m a very easy going, sociable, fast-learner, curious and natural leader. I do what I love, and I love what I do. I lead by example and work side by side with my teams.

My profile is a hybrid of technical and managerial experience, but always related to technological projects. I bring business and product vision to tech teams, partly thanks to having started an developed a company. I am a fast learner, curious to see how technology can improve the users experience in multiple areas. I have a strong motivation and sense of responsibility with myself, my team and clients (or peers), and people like my positive and easy going, can-do attitude.

On the technical side, I’m a specialized generalist, always working between different expertises, such as mobile and web development, devops, team leading... This has involved a variety of languages and frameworks in the web-side, both in the backend and in the client side.

About Me


University of Santiago de Compostela
Master in Projects Management
University of Santiago de Compostela
Technical Engineering in Computer Systems
Engineering Manager
SumUp. Copenhagen, Denmark
Technical Lead / Engineering Manager
VanMoof. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Technical Lead
Emakina.NL. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pocket Media. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Senior Mobile Apps Developer (iOS & Android)
The Mobile Company. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Co-Founder & Technical Lead
Zadia Software. Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Programmer Analyst
Bahia Software, Coremain. Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Over 14+ years of experience working in all kind of project sizes and teams. I have architected & developed digital products to help businesses and improve people's lives, solving complex problems with simple solutions.

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Phone Number

+45 31 57 98 27


[email protected]


Copenhagen (DK)