Moved to Denmark, joined an European Unicorn 🦄

After relocating from Amsterdam to Copenhagen - I joined SumUp to work in the danish headquarters (previously Debitoor) as an Engineering Manager for the Accounting Squad, in the Merchant Growth Tribe.

At SumUp I got exposed to a more complex organizational setup and map - with the tribalization of the company; and highly enjoyed the reflective spirit of the company when finding new ways of working.

Later I got promoted to Director of Engineering, overseeing the engineering department of the Invoices Tribe. As part of the Tribe leadership, I work on aligning technology and product to ensure a solid foundation for quick iterations, and maximising merchants’ value and developer experience (happy teams = happy product = happy customers!).

The team size (in engineering) is around 30 FTE - organized in 4 squads + QA, each with an Engineering Manager. We provide mobile app services (from the context of the SumUp SuperApp) as well as web experience.