VanMoof is a developer and designer of urban e-bikes, with a Direct-to-consumer model.

With retail locations in Tokyo, Berlin, San Francisco, London, Paris, Taipei - I joined in the moment that the company started to shape as a scale-up - joining just before the Series-A ($13.5M) and B ($40M) investment rounds.

During my work at VanMoof I participated in in-sourcing efforts, to bring technology closer to the core of the company, especially in the digital ecosystem (which included the content and marketing sites, e-commerce systems, ERP, customer support, and other custom-developed solutions both for internal and customer use).

The team grew fast while I worked at VanMoof. In the early stage I worked as Tech Lead, focusing in an Individual Contributor track mixed with technical leadership, and participated in in-sourcing the development of the platform and setting up fundaments like continous integration, pull request review processes, or infrastructure as code and 24x7 service. As the team scaled up in the hypergrowth phase, I participated in the organization of the teams, shaping my role as an Engineering Manager, and setting new disciplines (such as QA department, frontend-development), new platforms (such as the definition and launch of the partner network, shaping the collaboration with the development partners