Co-founder and technical lead

At Zadia I co-Founded and bootstrapped a software development studio. From its origin as a part time job, to leading and coordinating a team of 5 engineers on the technical side.

Revenue-wise, we were doubling the revenue every year, helping make the company sustainable ant have a self-sustained growth.

The company provided software development services and advice to a range of companies, from small ones looking to digitalize their business or improve their online presence, to larger enterprise-level projects, where we would oversee the integration of multiple services, and complement the existing teams.

The portfolio of services offered while I was at Zadia ranged from web development services (including CMS-based projects, such as Wordpress or Drupal) to mobile app development (both native in iOS and Android, or hybrid/multiplatform development), as well as custom development services like Service Oriented Architecture projects, or e-commerce platforms development.

As usual in a bootstrapped company, the tasks done during this experience didn’t limit to technical ones. I worked on customer acquisition and account management, accounting of the company, promotion and management of the social media profiles (including content creation and SEO optimizations), and everything that could be needed.